Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its Raining HERE

Oh no its Raining here and I have nothing to do! Well I have a list of a couple of things to do, maybe you could try them out or become inspired to make your own list. Lets Start :] ☂Reading a book ok I this is quiete a obvious thing to do on a rainy day but its fun. I don't mean grab that boring book that you have been trying to avoid for weeks(unless you want to get it over with go read it) grab one of your more interesting books that you haven't read in a long time close your eyes play alittle russian roulette and pick a page and read.Bake Something I personally like making sweets(yes my sweet tooth knows no season or weather) cakes, cookies, cupcakes -cough- a indie cupcake -cough- Another thing you could bake is an old fashion dish like jello or pudding, upside down cake anything. In the end you could eat this tasty treat Clean up Yea I know what your thinking, cleaning is a chore Charlie and I'm not down with that! Dawg, but I don't mean you should clean every inch of your house(unless you could and don't mind at all then go ahead :]). For us people that don't like working on such a sluggish day try cleaning up a area you neglected, maybe the area where your shoes are in your closet. Don't give yourself a task too bigMake silly videos You know you want to lol dress up wierd and dance to your favorite song or just ramble on about how rainy it isTeach yourself a new language Any language I personally try to teach myself french or chinese, and then I learn the bad words hehe no I mean learn ways to compliment someone. Then practice it on a friend or your pet. "Ni hao my lovely bird"Watch an old movie or a comedy Its fun thing to do :]Watch a foreign or indie film Amerie is my favorite rainy day film, just find one that has subtitles and goCall an old friend Well I hoped that helped you get out of your rainy day slump but if you got your own plans good :] enjoy ☂


  1. im really feeling your blog...and i trully enjoy what you bring to fashion blogg'n

  2. Ooh, I love cuddling under the blanket and watching a really good old (or new) movie when it's raining!


  3. Ni hao ma?

    :D I can't learn a new language in just one day! Maybe just the swear words... :P

    I love that picture, by the way. Where is it from?


    One Love,

  5. thanks guys
    and as a respond to S. Mimi C i just randomly found it on google search