Thursday, August 20, 2009

Charlie and paper + Things I love

I made this doll which is called a speakerbox dog. You could find more like this one(which is free to download) at :}
Things I love:
♥my hairs
♥Scrubs :3
♥the new casio exilm
♥samsung omnia (its my soulmate)
♥beef stew (which we are making today)
♥ my colorful friends
♥the book Shanghai Girls by Lisa see(good read)


  1. Your hair is gorgeous. Ohgosh, I was going to go and borrow Shanghai Girls @ the library later. Excited to read it.

    I love Scrubs too hahahaha. It's the best show.. since Friends, that is. :D

  2. Cute post! And you're rockin that hair chica! I don't think I could ever pull that style off..