Monday, August 24, 2009

All dressed up and ready to play,:]

overview of hackensack and new york. My weekend was plain for once, it rained which made me happy. Nice cold rain. Sunday I fell into total lazy mood and just layed around the house. Today I had went into the Dmv to get my id. While I waited I saw this man that was very buff. I mean muscles on top of muscles. He had a greyish blue eyes (I think they were contacts I do not kno) and he looked pissed. I made sure I wasn't in his way, cause he looked as if he could kill a raging pitbull with just one smack on the face. He had left and so was standing for 3 hours waiting for them to call me up. Then when I finally got there they said the lady who does the ids left 5 minutes ago! I mentally exploded like wow. But I have to go in again tomorrow. Another birthday lol My brothers which was on saturday Dear Danny C Yo man wat is up! I love you! You shared so much with me, your knowledge on cooking cakes, how to play video games, the proper way to ignore someone you dont want to talk to, how to be classy and sophisticated, the candy you snuck home even though ma didn't allow it you did it anyway, the television shows you watched as a kid(Transformers,Johnny Quest, Gargoyles,TMNT), and mostly you shared your time with me and I appreciate that. love you bro xoxo wish for the day:I wish animanicas was still on :]


  1. Buff men scare me too ): I don't think really muscley men are particularly good-looking, or even attractive at all. happy belated bday to your brother :3

    ps. your outfit is adorable! is that a plaid skirt I see?