Friday, August 7, 2009

I love

I love.....
♥ my little mother of a thousands plant named Mottie, she is so tall now i coo and touch it and water it everyday
♥ delicious key lime pie, oh so creamy and smooth, light citrus taste mmm so good
♥ mocha frappochinos, mm my love where have you been this summer my mom said i can't see you this summer because it might morph into an addiction but i miss u lol
♥ the 48 freckles on my face i think it might be more than that now but who cares i love ya
♥ my friend Lowell's afro its soo soft like a new born lamb"Baah says the lamb, the Lamb says baaah"
♥ veggie tales its so funny and teachs you good moral lessions
♥ old cartoons like Animaniacs,Histaria!, Sky Dancers stuff like that
♥reading blogs about love like
♥my little sister(do not tell her)
♥when someone smiles happily, it makes me giggle
♥to dream
~thats it Hope everyone has a nice weekend stay cool or dry in some cases :]

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