Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How come

How come when you like someone its such a long wait to become a couple. I mean you like that person that person that person likes you. Whats the hold up? Most people examines the person they are inflatuated with, and puts them through a mental check list. Checking off if that person fits the role of boyfriend/girlfriend material. Many personal checklist includes: _is (insert name) friendly around other people _is (insert name) smart _does (insert name) dress well _would (insert name) do well in a meeting of the fams(thats wat i think of :) _would (insert name) fit well in my lifestyle _do i feel comfortable around (insert name) _is this a very positive person _can i trust (insert name) _is (insert name) reliable _does (insert name) like me _is (insert name) kind _could i see myself with this person If each is checked then the waiting game came starts. Waiting and waiting til that person cracks and blurts out that they want to go on a date or til the oppurtunity itself comes up and then some how you are on a date with this person laughing at jokes that don't make sense. How come it takes so long for this to happen? Where are the people that meet other people say they like em and ask them out the next day? The spontaneous ones that want to go somewhere in even though its going to rain. It does matter them because that is any excuse to hold you close under a umbrella and scream playfully at rain above all that run like a little kid. What happen to the people are not set in that lets meet in a club tradition? I not asking for a knight on a horse. One horses poop alot and smell funny after awhile. Two metal is clankly and heavy. Three I never liked being a princess,I'm more of that tomboy who likes getting shoes soaked and who secretly enjoys rolling in the grass. Four bet that knight is extremely sweaty under that armor. Back to my question how come it takes so long?

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  1. This is an interesting post. I'm not sure why the wait...The first thing on my checklist is always "Does this person make me laugh?" :)
    Good luck with the wait! Or just dive in headfirst and say "let's get together."
    xox, mavi