Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I saw Julie and Julia last saturday and it was such a good movie. There was blogging, colorful and beautiful characters,challenges both women had to face, support and unsupportive friends, and above all cooking. WHO DOESN'T LOVE COOKING!!! I don't mean put it in the microwave 3 minutes later kind of cooking but fine cruisine. I was such a wonderful movie and had many great moments in it(that i can't tell you but know that if you see it there will be alot of awwing)
The movie represented the struggle that most artist(even the old genre) go through to make it to the top or to just even make it. Also that whatever situation your in make something good of it don't complain about it because that makes it worse. Appreciate the good that is around you. "Love hard and Dream Big" Don't give up no matter what, keep trying and love you and those that love you.
This movie got me thinking that I should get out of the cubicle that I created out of my own self pity and go out there do what I need to do. So my goals this year and next is to be nicer and more loving to my family. Appreciate everything God has given me and that I should love myself. and look on the bright side of everything and work hard :]
So Bon apetit those out there who want to taste the good in the world
On a funny side note: There was so many elderly in the theatre where the movie was held at and my sister and I were the only baby faces there. On top of that we had order the kids meal because it was cheaper. So you could imagine all these old people and two teens sippin from a small beverage and eatting little snacks lolz

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  1. I want to see this movie SOO bad! I love cooking and food and blogging and movies like this, so it'll be perfect!

    haha, I'm gonna have to write a blog of my own about all the movies I wanna see this month-cause there are A LOT!

    great blog!