Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Drunk vision

This is how you had a eye drop too many. You have a drunken walk and you wobble around. You talk loudly because your other sense is off(coughvision). You smile really forgeting that it was your eyes that got checked. Last but not least you laugh when you look in another person who got their eyes checked because dilated eyes seem hilarious. Also random conversions about nothing sound really meaning full! Yea went to the eye Doctor yesterday. My whole family did exactly. So we both got our eyes checked and dilated. We all walked out together laughing and giggling. My parents brought their huge 'i look like i'm blind but my pupils are just dilated' shades and I was walking ahead of them in my regular shades and it soo looked like I was leading the blind. It was too funny So I guess my eye examination wasnt that bad. The nurse was really nice and so was the doctor quick and painless


  1. Ooh i like the yellow sunnies! i want one in red :)


  2. LOL :3

    (college woooh. sigh, i didn't complete my todo list either:

    1) fall in love with guy with british accent
    2) save up money without spending
    3) reinvent myself completely for gr 11


  3. Lol, this is funny. I hate going to the eye doctor!

    Fun pictures, and love the sunglasses, though :)

    xox, mavi

  4. hahahah@you looked like you were leading the blind! lol. ps: u look Nigerian