Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clean teeth,Cute Smiles and "Ponyo loves Sosuke!"

So much happened during the last three days(thats why I didn't do the Friday post) Went to the Dentist Friday and as always recieved a perfect report :] See this is why I love the Dentist never have to worry about shots or taking a whole bunch of pills or even have to wait in some stuffy office. You just lay down and recieve a little spa treatment for your teeth. And having them commplement you isn't half bad either. I always keep my pearly whites in tip-top shape with Colgate toothpaste with whitening and piksters size small brush(I'm so paranoid with flossing because I'm afraid it will get stuck then I'd have to cut it out and do all this other stuff but these piksters are better because they are like a little toothpick with brissles) Anway after that walked home and just basked in the fact that I could someday be in a Colgate commercial lol No really I just rushed to decorate the house for my nieces to come over Since it was my youngest niece Jordan's birthday Dear Jordan, Even thorough we've been thorough some rough times(you beating me up and trying to work my face over with your little fists lol never suceeded tho) I still love you and your little chunky cheeks which I have been kissing since you've been born. So Happy 2 Birthday babycuppycake. Glad I could be there xoxo~your Auntie On Saturday went to Pallisades mall to go well...walking lol got this Flapjack keychain which I love so much! A couple of skirts and shirts Saw Ponyo yesterday and all I could saw is AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEE. I mean it, it was soo cute and funny. Had the whole theatre laughing and awwing and laughing louder. It was a very colorful audience, mostly adults which is funny cuz only a few brought their kids. Oh and to the boy at the tourist stop with the yellow and blue stripped polo shirt with the long hair thanks for the endearing smile it brightened my day. :]


  1. aww lucky!
    got to see Ponyo!

    I CANNOT wait to see Julie and Julia AND Ponyo!
    I heard this old woman's voice is played by Betty White from the Golden Girls and I LOOOVE her...

    oh, my heart URGES for these flicks!
    glad you had a nice weekend and thanks for following!

  2. I love Betty White!!! She is such a doll

  3. Aww lil Jordan is so adorable!! :) Awesome to know you had a good weekend!


  4. Your niece is super cute (:

    You're so lucky your dentist loves you. My dentist, on the other hand, thinks I'm terrible probably. I don't floss. I brush wrong. I don't use mouthwash. :[ Gaaaah.

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  6. Where did you get the keychain?