Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I don't know how many people watched this show. It is called Redwall based off a book by Brian Jacques. It was based somewhere around the medieval times. The story is about this poor mouse named Matthias(cool name right) who was taken in by the people of Abbey Town(this little guarded town built like a castle). The villian is this sea rat named Cluny who wants to become king of this town and doesn't mind killing whoever stands in his way. Matthias believes the only way to stop Cluny and his gang is to retrieve the sword of Martin the towns past hero. So he goes on this journey finds sword and slays the rat. He gets married and has a son Mattimeo. You begin to think oh happy ending yay, wrong an old enemy from the past returns to seek his revenge. He kidnaps all the children from the town, as I recall he did it in this real sneaky way that was presented in this formulated plan that in no way could go wrong. This plan was perfect down to a tee. I mean this is what pure evil genius would do. I could go on but I might spoil it for everyone. If you haven't read the book watch the series it is really good.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long time no see :]

I'm so sorry guys. I've been away for to long. The reason being is because I switched over to a new site (samuraimonster.tumblr.com and zombienoodles.tumblr.com) and I've totally neglected this one. Since I love this blog so much and put a lot of work into it I'm going to keep it up and begin to do posts in it.
A recap of what you guys missed
I got a tattoo on my mother's birthday(march 4) Since she was turning 60 she wanted to get a tattoo so my sister in law and I got one along with her. It's a small rose :]
I had a mohawk during the spring :]
Went to Disney with family and met up with my friend who recently moved down there
Hung out with sis and ma and went to see Toy Story3 (I did cry)
Danni(about to be 6 soon) and Jordan (now 3 oh how time flies)
Crocheted and Drew between breaks :]]
Discovered new love for my natural hair
Discovered ability to design nails(I HAVE THE POOOWEEERRRR)
oh and I got a new phone Lg Chocolate Touch
besides that I went on a cupcake adventure which I will post later this week
:] i'm backk

Monday, September 21, 2009

Batty Cat Bubbles

from the book Plush-O-Rama by Linda Kopp is Batty Cat Bubbles :] I made him during the weekend.
info on batty cat bubbles:

Batty Cat Bubbles is currently mired in a identity crisis.Is he a cat? Is he a bat? With a tail like his,he could even be a dragon! Whatever he is, one thing is for sure-he is definitely a sweetheart...just look at that face.

Made by me idea created by Amy Proff Lyons

I could make anyone of you guys one just ask :D

Samurai style

After the long wait here is my room!!
More stuff to be added soon :]

Friday, September 11, 2009

Moved in,Cooked,Sugar happy time

(my desk in the new dorm gasp is that indiecupcake website lol Johnny approved)
Bonjour everyone! I finally found time to actually blog! I moved in the beginning of this week and was so tired, I had planned to blog that night but I fell alseep. Then I tired to the next day but I was feeling lazy...so 2day I blog lol
Just to let everyone know, my room is almost complete like 95% just need to hang the cloths to cover the walls and my Johnny poster but once its done I shall post the pics on here. hehe right now its like a kinda hippie asian right now wit the lanterns, vases, plants galore, and beds. How its made(since the room we are given is so small anyway..like a closet size) we(my roomie Sonya and I) have alot of space...
(lemon pepper chicken, green beans with satueed garlic and white rice)
Yes we made that! Since our dorm is right next to the kitchen(we had planned this for quiete some time now) we decided to cook something from Sonya's cookbook. So we drove to the grocery store LIKE ADULTS..Bought grocery LIKE ADULTS...Unloaded the grocery and put it in the fridge LIKE ADULTS...Cooked the food in the kitchen LIKE ADULTS...Ate the food LIKE ADULTS...Cleaned our dishes LIKE ADULTS and sat down an talked
Does anyone see a pattern here :]
Taken my classes which weren't as bad as I thought they were, some were fun. But so much work though I just had a test 2day and had a assignment due last night. whew alot
I forgot to do the things i love thursday here it is
Things I love
♥the fridgerator in our dorm, omgitssocute
♥how cool the room looks right now, the lanterns only thing providing light in the dark room
♥my eyes since they so small and curvy like
♥Season finale of The Secret life of the American Teenager, it was soo funny
♥the feeling of being an adult but without the tax paying part
♥my sketchbook
♥♥ well see ya :]