Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I don't know how many people watched this show. It is called Redwall based off a book by Brian Jacques. It was based somewhere around the medieval times. The story is about this poor mouse named Matthias(cool name right) who was taken in by the people of Abbey Town(this little guarded town built like a castle). The villian is this sea rat named Cluny who wants to become king of this town and doesn't mind killing whoever stands in his way. Matthias believes the only way to stop Cluny and his gang is to retrieve the sword of Martin the towns past hero. So he goes on this journey finds sword and slays the rat. He gets married and has a son Mattimeo. You begin to think oh happy ending yay, wrong an old enemy from the past returns to seek his revenge. He kidnaps all the children from the town, as I recall he did it in this real sneaky way that was presented in this formulated plan that in no way could go wrong. This plan was perfect down to a tee. I mean this is what pure evil genius would do. I could go on but I might spoil it for everyone. If you haven't read the book watch the series it is really good.

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