Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long time no see :]

I'm so sorry guys. I've been away for to long. The reason being is because I switched over to a new site (samuraimonster.tumblr.com and zombienoodles.tumblr.com) and I've totally neglected this one. Since I love this blog so much and put a lot of work into it I'm going to keep it up and begin to do posts in it.
A recap of what you guys missed
I got a tattoo on my mother's birthday(march 4) Since she was turning 60 she wanted to get a tattoo so my sister in law and I got one along with her. It's a small rose :]
I had a mohawk during the spring :]
Went to Disney with family and met up with my friend who recently moved down there
Hung out with sis and ma and went to see Toy Story3 (I did cry)
Danni(about to be 6 soon) and Jordan (now 3 oh how time flies)
Crocheted and Drew between breaks :]]
Discovered new love for my natural hair
Discovered ability to design nails(I HAVE THE POOOWEEERRRR)
oh and I got a new phone Lg Chocolate Touch
besides that I went on a cupcake adventure which I will post later this week
:] i'm backk

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