Friday, September 11, 2009

Moved in,Cooked,Sugar happy time

(my desk in the new dorm gasp is that indiecupcake website lol Johnny approved)
Bonjour everyone! I finally found time to actually blog! I moved in the beginning of this week and was so tired, I had planned to blog that night but I fell alseep. Then I tired to the next day but I was feeling 2day I blog lol
Just to let everyone know, my room is almost complete like 95% just need to hang the cloths to cover the walls and my Johnny poster but once its done I shall post the pics on here. hehe right now its like a kinda hippie asian right now wit the lanterns, vases, plants galore, and beds. How its made(since the room we are given is so small a closet size) we(my roomie Sonya and I) have alot of space...
(lemon pepper chicken, green beans with satueed garlic and white rice)
Yes we made that! Since our dorm is right next to the kitchen(we had planned this for quiete some time now) we decided to cook something from Sonya's cookbook. So we drove to the grocery store LIKE ADULTS..Bought grocery LIKE ADULTS...Unloaded the grocery and put it in the fridge LIKE ADULTS...Cooked the food in the kitchen LIKE ADULTS...Ate the food LIKE ADULTS...Cleaned our dishes LIKE ADULTS and sat down an talked
Does anyone see a pattern here :]
Taken my classes which weren't as bad as I thought they were, some were fun. But so much work though I just had a test 2day and had a assignment due last night. whew alot
I forgot to do the things i love thursday here it is
Things I love
♥the fridgerator in our dorm, omgitssocute
♥how cool the room looks right now, the lanterns only thing providing light in the dark room
♥my eyes since they so small and curvy like
♥Season finale of The Secret life of the American Teenager, it was soo funny
♥the feeling of being an adult but without the tax paying part
♥my sketchbook
♥♥ well see ya :]

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