Monday, August 17, 2009

Dreams and Tingly fingers never safe near an active mind

This is Ed westwick aka Chuck Bass fear him lol I had the wierdest dream one the Janitor from Scrubs was my secret lover and we had traveled to france or some foreign country to rob the bank of snobs. And our relationship only consisted of holding hands and smiling awkwardly at each other. Well we succeeded in robbing thr bank got diamonds the size of fists and a whole bunch of hundreds. Then we walked out real casual and escaped lol it was so wierd. Is there a dream interpretator here that can explain this to me because I havent watched scrubs in a long time:D Another thing is my hands have been tingling to make something and my mind keeps coming up with ideas but my body mad lazy what is up with that!? I need one of those 16 hour energy drinks lol Anyone had any wierd dreams?

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  1. Okay, 1) I LOVE SCRUBS. I think it is one of my guilty pleasures. I think I would die if I couldn't watch at least one episode every two days.

    2) The Janitor is hotstuff. It's true. He's so pitiful and annoying that it's awesome. I like him more than Cox. (haha sounds kinda dirty. Referring to the Dr. Cox haha)

    and 3) E.W. IS HOT. I can't wait for the new GG season to start. I just want to hear Chuck Bass speak in that sexy voice of his :D

    OH, and thank you for the most lovely comment! (: I really appreciate it. I feel so welcome on Blogger already.