Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pow wow 09 :]

The Pow wow yesterday in augusta, jersey was soo amazing. There was great food, music, wonderful finds and dancers from different native tribes. They just danced up a storm literally i mean it was pouring after they were done. The wierd thing it was only raining in that area for awhile ha. An rappers say they can make it rain they have nothing on the indians! The dances were just so beautiful, the colors that was worn really brought out their emotion and tell their story. The music really brought it out too, thanks to the stylings of Iron River and the rest of the crew. It even got my lil nieces and sis on the dance grounds breaking out moves.
Thorough all of this excitment I found the love of my life(well one of them, i have yet to find spikey heels that resemble beelzemons lol) A sterling silver indian head ring :D This baby is bad and it reminds me of my cherokee heritage :] Also Johnny has one too :DDDD I also got two earring clips. One is a lil lizard and the other is a elephant head, i so adore them all!
Well speaking of Johnny I saw Public Enemies yesterday(yea i kno i'm kinda late but i was busy all last week to see it on opening day) It was soo epic!! I would tell you more about it but i spoil it for you...

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