Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lets Dance with the Rain Makers

I've had such a wonderful week. Monday went to NY walked to Central park read my book "My Father's Tears and other stories by John Updike" under a nice tree and also watching the horse carriages go by. Then I finished the whole day off with a bacon and egg sandwich from this small cafe.(which was deliscious yum)
Also this week I've discovered a asian style lantern and guess what for only $10 what a deal so and there was only 3 left so you can guess where those went back home with me :D
But besides that I'm planning on getting a tattoo, a cherry blossom on my right thigh. I love cherry blossoms but I'm not allowed to go to the festival because of my allergies. I've tried going to the festival one year in the car windows rolled up tight ac off still somehow got sick(stuffy nose, sore thoat and wheezing). So since I can't be near it might as well have it on me. What made me love it more was the fact that the cherry blossom itself stood for individualism, courage, and feminity.
On Wednesday I went toMontclair to check out Jinx Tattoo. I forgot to bring my paper with the design so going there would be pointless so I just walked around Montclair then it started to rain. No rain isn't the proper word I mean poured it flooded the area. I hopped from store to store til it calmed down,and i ran into this lil bakery called Flour Pastry. I brought two cupcakes from there one coco creme vanilla cupcake and the other was a cheesecake creme carrot cupcake. Both got sorta sogged because the rain came back again and punched the lil box it was in just terrible. it still tasted good tho lol

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