Sunday, July 19, 2009

Popcorn, Ocean air, F21 and ice cream

My week was so much fun, like I cant even describe it. For the second week in a row I got a chance to hang with my precious nieces(Danni and Jordan R) and my sister in law(Naphecia). We went to Point Pleasant beach which was packed! While walking on the boardwalk, my mother went in search of jersey girl shirts,[note:she isnt a native from Jersey but my sister and I are. ] but before all that we rushed over to this lil restaurant called Big macs since that 2 hour ride made us all quite hungry.
The food was simply delicious, good shrimp,good chicken strips, and french fries par exellent(they payed me to say this just joking). Then after minutes of licking our fingers and people walking by and cooing the little ones(yes they get this everywhere they go) we decided to explore the rest of the boardwalk. Fun House was one of the next of our stops. Jordan and my father had to stay behind(since she was to short to get thru). This house seemed like fun I guess thats how they suck you in, start off slow with a little glass maze that most people like and then warp it into some kind of twisted SAW like game and the only way out is not to go back but to go forward until ever inch of your being is swept away in a field of fear. It was one twisted part of it where we had to go down a small slide was crazy because it was pitch black and i was wearing a dress and it kept flying in my face and my foot kept twisting to side. Then we had to crawl out in this small tunnel it was just terrible. Like some kind of Sick joke.
Later we played on the beach.
Which was fun even though I was playing don't get water on my bikini with the ocean lol
(Danni and Mercedes)
The we ended it off with the carnival that was near by...

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