Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peace Love and Couture

Ok just to let all of you fellow bloggers know that i created this blog not only to spew random stuff that comes to mind but to state my expensive wishlist(things that i might get later when i have money). I've name it indie cupcake because I like indie rock and cupcakes are my fave :]
But down to business saw the Bet Awards sunday(note that i dont watch it often because of how it decieves black people as) I deceided to watch it because of the tribute it was giving to Micheal Jackson (may he rest in peace). It was absolutely terrible. The little tributes and performances dedicated to him were amazing but the fill in stuff *coughbeyoncecoughsoujaboysong* was just a disgrace. I mean what in the world was Beyonce wearing a see thru tutu fairy dress? What the marriage veil was supposed to be for? I was completely confused and out of all her songs "Halo, Sweet Dreams and some other I can't remember" it had to be Ave Maria come on now seriously. Its wierd how the whole thing was a tribute to Micheal and she just went off and did her own thing selfish! And that whole thing with BET is guns just disgusting. BET we have a black president now, get out off your ghetto ways and get more classy.
Its bad enough I had to listen to that crap but some outfits needed some help. wat is goin on here lol this is only part of the crazyness
Another thing is that the new shows on BET scream ghetto, hasban, and we just thought it was going to be fun. Waste indeed frankie & neffie, tiny& toya and some other nonsense about paying bills,this will be my next reason for not watching BET anymore.
Well enough of that now to more pleasant things
I found the most prettiest necklace in all the world(ok i might be over exaggerating)
This is one is called the Pocohantas. Its so beautiful but expensive lol. Marlainahttp://www.marlainastone.com has a whole collection of these cuties and each once listed has a little story attached to it and what you should wear it with :] I like them because each one is like a cluster of different things but somehow go together smoothly. I might have to figure out a way to make these things myself because buying it might tear up my bank lol

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